Kate Spade Inspiration

In 1993, Kate Spade, then a former accessories editor at Mademoiselle, set out to design the perfect handbag. It’s hard to believe all that has come from that first sleek and colorful line. Soon after that launch, Kate Spade New York was born. She opened her first shop in 1996.

Often, I’ve shared ways in which fashion inspires interior design. That’s certainly been true for Kate Spade’s fashion lines. Her use of bold colors and simple but stunning details is irresistible. In 2004, when Kate launched her home line, she brought her unique mark directly into our living spaces.

Today Kate Spade has grown into a global lifestyle brand that aims to inspire colorful living through handbags like these: 

And amazing shoes like these:

And, then, there are the furnishings. The Kate Spade brand focuses on smart and sassy design for professional women. How about you? Are you a smart and sassy professional woman who can see herself in one of these chairs? Across all of her pieces, her sleek, color-rich aesthetic comes through:

Kate Spade, the brand, calls its approach spirited and one that shares a commitment to curiosity and a passion for sharing our colorful world. Peruse through more of her home lines on her website, and you’ll see those values come through.