Jazz Age Inspiration

If you are a regular follower of my blog, first of all, thank you! But secondly, you probably know that I am a huge fan of Art Deco. The colors and the geometric shapes are so inspiring to me as a designer.

It’s perfect, then, that the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston has a new exhibition called Deco Nights: Evenings in the Jazz Age.

Jazz, of course, was a new, free-form kind of music that emerged in the Art Deco era. In reading about the exhibition on the museum’s website, I like some of the descriptors they use, and I think they are great ways to think about and inspire design: lively, modern, exuberant, decadent, “anything goes” sophistication.

No doubt this era offered up a whole new kind of glamour and luxury. Here are some images representing the exhibition from museum’s website. If you’re in the Houston area, or you can check out Art Deco in your part of the world, I highly recommend this period for interior design inspiration!



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