Gallery Style

Anytime I walk into a home with a well-executed gallery wall, I am impressed. No matter your personal style, the color palette or how large of a wall you’ve got to work with, creating a gallery allows you to make a statement that is uniquely you.

No one else will ever choose the images that you select or place them in the order you place them. 

Are you considering a gallery wall in your home? Keep these tips in mind:

First, while it can be stunning to have uniformity, don’t be afraid to mix and match as well. Combine photography and paintings, black and white with color, circular frames with square frames. You can even consider pulling together traditional pieces with modern ones — whatever look is distinctive to you and your tastes. These choices are what allow you to be as creative as possible.

Second, choose your space. Decide whether you want to cover part of a wall, all of the wall or possibly part of two walls that meet in a corner.

Finally, I recommend using your floor as practice space. Lay out all of your framed work so that you can try a variety of set ups before moving the pieces to the wall.

Take a look at my Art pinboard see what inspires you!




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