Checkerboard Inspiration

Checkerboard — the ever-classic, always-fresh pattern. We’re seeing it everywhere from fashion to home right now, but it never really goes out of style. From small checks to large checks, from floors to walls, the contrasting black-and-white pattern can coordinate with a wide variety of styles. 

Outdoor spaces have a checkerboard appeal, as well. I especially love a blue contrast against the black and white for a beautiful pop of color.

If you’re into the checkerboard look, but you don’t want to commit an entire room or living space, consider the patterns for entries and hallways. It lends an elegance to areas where you greet visitors or pass through the home.

Pick the perfect space for a checkerboard pattern, and you’ll create a classic look that will last longer than just about any other design you could choose. For more ideas to get you started, take a look through my Dynamic Duo: B&W pinboard.




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