Inspiration from Paris Shows

Last week, the fifth annual Paris Design Week overlapped with Maison & Objet, the trade show that does interiors trends better than anyone else.

Paris offers those who adore design an abundance of ideas. In fact, where better to find design inspiration than Paris? And what better time than when two of the top design shows in the world come together?

Paris Design Week invites international professionals and the general public to discover the best showcases of design in the city. Meanwhile, Maison & Objet offers the most cutting edge looks for interiors and is where so many trends find their beginning.

Here are three completely different looks from Paris Design Week’s Instagram that have several intriguing elements.

Faux fur is still a major look for this show, and it was often juxtaposed against a rustic setting.

Circles seem to be the shape of the future, with the round motif on everything from mirrors to lamps to tables.

Modular living is still a huge European push, offering multifunctional items for people in small spaces.

On the Maison & Objet Instagram feed, black seemed to be having more than just a moment, with the color on walls, desks, plates, accessories, and more.

Maison & Objet always has its avant garde elements, but some of these looks eventually trickle down to a more mass appeal. So will we see more string theory in our future furniture designs?

And a gorgeous modern take on natural elements was everywhere, like this dripping branch chandelier.

Thanks to social media and the instant nature of our world today, when Paris isn’t on your itinerary, shows like these still can be a part of the design direction for your home.




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