Back in Black

Halloween is filled with all sorts of spooky images, but no one should ever be afraid to use black in their decor. Many fear that it would be too dark or gloomy, but look at how absolutely elegant and bold black can be in the photos below. It’s an amazing backdrop for a super-sleek sense of style.  

Black is certainly a favorite among designers who love how authoritative and bold it is. I love it because of the versatility it offers. You can frame a room in black decor, cover one wall, cover every wall, or pair it with just about any color you can imagine. Plus, patterns in black are so beautifully clean and rich, like those you see on the pillows and chairs below. 

Just like the little black dress, black decor never seems to go out of style. It’s the safe bet that is completely stunning. Check out my Black and Gold and Black and White pinboards for more ideas.




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