Totally Tile

Have you ever been in a room that is so beautiful it’s not enough to see it, you’ve got to touch it? I’m talking about the temptation of textures. Tile is a great way to add that visual and tangible dimension to a room. Tile allows you to take chances, too.

Stacked, fashion-inspired designs, bubbly “water cubes,” and geometric shapes - the question isn’t just where you start when it comes to your options, you just might wonder where you should end because the effects are so beautiful and distinctive. 

Some tiles aren’t as much about texture as they are about pattern. Below are two examples of how a soft and unassuming color can come to life with an eye-catching pattern that begs to be seen. And I can barely resist the tile in the final image. The interweaving of different shades of green, gold, and white work so well together. 

And don’t overlook some potentially unexpected uses for tile: a headboard for your favorite bed, backsplash for shelving, floor to ceiling around a fireplace, or an accent wall in a main living area. For other ideas, check out my Out of the Box pinboard.




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