The ottoman plays an important role in today’s decor. In addition to helping give your feet a little respite, this functional piece can be used as storage, extra seating, or even a coffee table.

I look for ottomans that are anything but basic. There are so many options now, from small to oversized, leather to upholstered, circular to rectangular to octagonal. 

Ottomans can make a statement in a room. Lemony yellow in the midst of soft grays and royal blues. A rich, velvety green at the foot of a bed for a posh place to drop your belongings when in a rush. And a berry blue rectangular piece that makes the room look so inviting and cozy.  

The best part is that, with minimal investment and super-simple set up, an ottoman changes the look and feel of a space in no time! You’ll be sitting pretty in a room revitalized by what I bet will become one of your favorite pieces.




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