Inspiration: Travel Destinations

I know fall is just beginning, but 2016 is right around the corner, and I’ve got my mind on vacation planning. It’s inspiring to step out of our current surroundings and get away to other parts of the world - especially when you’re looking for an infusion of new design ideas.

How can you translate your travel into your home? There are so many wonderful nuances you can add to give a space a unique feel that reflects where you’ve been or where you’d like to go.

For example, the Louvre offers fantastic shapes and patterns, angles that draw the eye up, a symmetry that brings a satisfying sense of balance - plenty of inspiration for creating a space of your own with these same elements. 

Take a look at colorful Santorini, Greece. Clean, fresh, vibrant colors surrounded by a calming blue in the sky and sea. This village also shows how a crowded space can have a sense of unity and organization thanks to a cohesive style in which everything shares a similar shape. These colors were just meant to be brought into the home.

The Sphinx makes me think of the impact of have one oversized, attention-getting piece around which to center everything else in a room. Impact pieces anchor a space and often lead to great conversations when entertaining. Even better if that piece reflects a part of your own history.

Be inspired by places that you've been and the styles that you've seen. On my Travel Ticket pinboard, I’ve shared pins of many of my favorite destinations.




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