Home Work

For many, working from home has become more than an occasional event. More and more, employees and business owners are enjoying the benefits of being able to work out of the home and the balance that can bring to our lives.

Designing a workspace that emphasizes organization and physical and mental comfort is extremely important. Your home office should be both functional and lovely, whether you work there full-time, or just once in a while. Today, I’m sharing some tips for finding the best way to accommodate a creative and inspiring work environment in your home.

1. Spaces filled with light open our minds and combat stress. 

2. A shelving unit with plenty of baskets and nooks for storage keeps your desk clutter-free while not taking away from the home-y feel of the space.

3. A large mirror makes a small work nook seem larger than it is.

4. One of the best things about designing a home office versus a typical work office is lighting. You don’t have to put up with energy-draining fluorescent lights; introduce a chandelier instead and make room for an attractive lamp that casts just the right amount of light on your workspace.

A home office should be a dedicated space all your own, a space where you can focus, be productive, and enjoy your day-to-days. Visit my Working From Home pinboard for more ideas about how to work comfortably and in style.




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