Wine by Design

Can you believe it’s already the last week of summer? I am so excited to toast Labor Day by planning a wine room design for a client!

Wine rooms have to balance two objectives: They should be aesthetically pleasing and should be set up according to best storage methods for the wine. Other than that, the only issues to resolve are the size of the space you have available and how you want your wine room to function.

You can use an extra walk-in closet as a wine room, or set aside your pantry for storing your favorite vintages. If you have the time and budget, though, it’s best to build a wine room that offers the perfect temperature and storage from the beginning. Creating a room that also gives you the space to entertain and enjoy that fabulous bottle of wine is the ultimate in design and function!

Think you don’t have room for an entire space dedicated to wine storage? Think again! The area underneath a staircase can be an ideal space saver, as you can see below. A space like that may seem small, but it’s ideal for wine storage. 

Thinking about a wine room project? From simple to opulent, the possibilities are as wide-ranging as a great wine selection! Check out more ideas here.




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