Twins for the Win

Twin beds fell out of fashion for a while, with people thinking of them as old fashioned, like those iconic beds that Ricky and Lucy “shared” on I Love Lucy. Or they were only thought of for kids’ rooms.

But today, the functionality of twin beds is giving them a comeback story and they are being showcased in guest rooms, teen rooms, and in vacation homes.

Furniture designers recognize this, and are creating more modern, grown-up looks using twin beds. Thanks to these designs, twin beds are taking on new life that’s twice the fun. 

New twin bed designs are no longer “cutesy” or childish. There are fabulous sophisticated styles that offer chic designs for welcoming rooms. Twin beds can also be placed apart or together, giving you even more functionality for guests.

Whether you have a need for a set of twin beds or you just love the look, ideas abound for designing a room around them. I bet your guests will do double takes! For more ideas, check out my pins.




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