Inspiration: Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is a design that’s characterized by Asian motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture and architecture. Often it imitates Chinese porcelain designs or uses lacquer-like materials. 

Chinoiserie motifs are so inspiring to me, and the colors can range from the traditional blue and white that you find on porcelain to stunning deep purples, bright yellows, or sizzling silver.

While some Chinoiserie patterns are traditional, others modernize familiar patterns. Either way, Chinoiserie blends well with other classic decor that also has historical details. You’ll find these patterns are popular in wallpaper, which should then be paired with balanced clean-lined pieces.

Or you can use Chinoiserie-inspired single items like the mirror or the chair above – those are great examples of how these gorgeous Asian motifs can be blended into other styles and designs.

If you happen upon an intriguing piece that catches your eye, don’t be afraid to bring it home, even if you have no other decor with Chinoiserie details. Let it become a focal point - and maybe even a topic of conversation. Check out my pinboard for more ideas.




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