Monday Inspiration: Mark Rothko

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I love art, particularly modern art. In fact, I will encourage my interior design clients to select art first, if they don't have any. Start there, and then we’ll plan the decor around the paintings or prints.

Mark Rothko is one of my favorite artists, mostly because of his use of color, and how he moves from sharp to soft in his paintings. Rothko embraced the possibility of beauty in pure abstraction with a painterly eloquence that gave a new voice to American art. 

I am so excited that The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston will feature an exhibit on Mark Rothko called - A Retrospective! If you are in the Houston area, you can catch the exhibition from Sept. 20 through Jan. 24, 2016.

Rothko’s signature 1950s motif of soft, rectangular forms floating on a stained field of color is one of his most influential. Heavily influenced by mythology and philosophy, he was insistent that his art was filled with content and brimming with ideas. Even if viewers didn’t see that at first, Rothko challenged them to look more closely and more deeply. 

I find that his work serves as a canvas of ideas for me. There is just enough color. There are just enough lines. Only a certain amount of saturation. The paintings above could inspire a color scheme, a set of throw pillows, wall colors with accessories that pop - there’s just no telling what comes to you when you choose to spend time with a piece of art. That’s the beauty: more meaning unfolds over time if you let it.

What art inspires you?




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