Inspiration: Natural Color

A dramatic new exhibit called Color of Life recently opened at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The exhibit showcases color in nature and how it impacts animal behavior and survival. It really focuses on how critical color is to life on Earth. 

That, of course, includes humans. And, because I am all about tapping into inspiration for my design work, it got me thinking about how nature can inspire our homes and the colors within them.

Look at the tree python from the exhibit, which uses its color to disguise its habitats in order to survive; while we use its color to brighten ours. I love these green and orange rooms that are reminiscent of the python.

How about zebras? Zebra-print fabric is quite common, but it never gets old. The ottoman below makes the room thanks to its bold black-and-white striping. 

In this image, I couldn’t help spotting this funky frog - an eye-pleasing combination of dark and bright.

One of my all-time favorite examples from the exhibit of jaw-dropping color in nature is the Gouldian finch. What a spectacular color palette! We should all strive to be this flashy with what we wear and how we design. It works for the birds, and it can work for your favorite room. Check it out: 

People have always turned to nature for inspiration, and why not? We live in an inherently beautiful and awe-inspiring world. It’s such a fulfilling endeavor to make our living spaces just as impressive.





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