Detail Oriented

The devil really is in the details for interior designers. Sometimes it can seem like we are fixated on the tiniest thing in a room, but really those tiny things can make a big impact. It’s all about balance and symmetry – that’s really what gives a room it’s polish.

You’ve probably felt it before: An unbalanced interior space can make a room downright uncomfortable, even when you aren’t really sure why. Visual balance is achieved by distributing the visual weight of objects within a space to give the viewer a feeling of equilibrium. Take for instance, a bookshelf. The task seems simple enough, but when you stand back and take a look, you realize that even something as seemingly simple as a bookshelf can be challenging when it comes to creating a sense of balance.

How art is hung on a wall can create (or destroy) that balance. And it must be the right height, the right placement, and the right color/material for the space. If it’s done right, it looks effortless.

So many times in design, the name of the game is “less is more.” When a few objects are perfectly placed, the eye knows exactly what to do and the visual experience is comfortable. Overdoing it will weigh the room down.

When it comes to finishing touches, it all about the details. And the details cannot do their jobs without balance.




beth lindseyComment