Bathing Beauty

The bathroom used to be seen as a utilitarian space that was needed for its function, but didn’t need to be “designed.” My how times have changed, especially since spas became more affordable and in demand.

Now, people want that luxury spa experience in their home, and that has really impacted the way bathrooms are designed today. 

For example, many people are simply foregoing a tub in favor of a larger, resort-quality shower. What better way to relieve stress and tension than with multi showerheads, a rain shower, or even a steam function? And most of the walk-in showers offer seating for those times when you just need to get away and relax. 

Lighting is also key – of course people want brighter light when they are shaving or applying makeup, but having the option of softer lighting is a new trend that allows spaces to be serene and calm, or bright and cheerful, all at the turn of a knob.

Ask any couple - double sinks are almost a requirement in bathrooms today. No more dancing around each other. With two sinks, you can not only create gorgeous symmetry, but a space for each person who uses the room. 

I think one of the things I love the most about today’s bathroom spaces is the freedom to experiment and play with details, to really amp up the luxury and create an amazing retreat. How can we turn your bathroom into a bathing beauty? Take a look at my pins for more ideas.




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