The Longevity of Art Deco

If you love the recent reemergence of Art Deco in the home, you are not alone. But actually, Deco never really left.

Art Deco is an elegant style of decorative art, design, and architecture that began as a Modernist reaction in the ‘20s and ‘30s against the Art Nouveau style, which was elaborate and lavish. Deco went in the opposite direction with angular, symmetrical geometric forms, and was all about adding visual drama and bringing it into a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The room below is a stunning example of Art Deco interiors. The neutral colors, geometric motifs, and lack of ornamentation represent this era beautifully.

Deco is all about symmetry and balance. One way to capture that is through wallpaper, as you can see below. Using a wall covering with a bold pattern makes for an outstanding accent on just one wall, or on all four walls for amazing drama.

You can see Deco’s influence throughout the world of interiors today, sometimes just with touches of the style here and there. 

No matter how you use Deco, though, it still gives a room a modern touch and flair.

An essential part of the Deco style is its ability to evoke drama, so how could you use it in your home? Take a look at my Art Deco pinboard for more ideas.




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