Relaxing Rooms

August 15 is officially National Relaxation Day. Did you know that, or have you been too busy and stressed to notice? If you’re like most people, you need a relaxing room in your home, a place to de-stress, take a deep breath, and soak up some “R and R” in a beautiful, serene space. 

That space could be a bedroom designed as a retreat, a small nook tucked away in your home, or a cozy seating area around a fireplace.But to make it really comfortable, and comforting, you need to think about a few key design details:

·      Color. What’s the most restful color you can think of? For some, that’s sky blue, for others it’s a charcoal gray, or even black. Be sure your retreat is drenched in your perfect calming color.

·      Light. The light in your getaway should be low and soft. You might want a slightly stronger light if you plan to read, but make it a task light, never an overhead light.

·      Clutter Free. This is a must. Studies show that no one can really relax in a space that’s disorganized or messy. Let the rest of your house go, if you must, but your special room has to be spotless and dust-free.

·      Texture. Do you remember that super-special blanket you had as a kid. There was a reason you loved it so – it felt great to hug it up to you. Recapture that feeling with super-soft sheets, blankets, throws, and pillows. And be sure you have plenty of those. You want to create a “nest” that you never want to leave.

Once I get a client’s relaxation rooms just as they want them, I add other important elements to harmonize and complete the space. Fragrances like vanilla and lavender, for instance, can induce deeper levels of relaxation. I also like to use small fountains to provide a calming background noise that covers the sounds of stress we often hear. And sometimes it’s about what I DON’T add. No electronics, aside from your music player: no phones, no video game devices, and no TV. 

Ah, the sweet benefits of relaxation. Heal your mind, body and soul in your own relaxation room! To see more ideas, go to my pinboard here.




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