Monday Inspiration: Dining Out

How many times have you walked into a restaurant and found yourself admiring the environment and ambiance just as much as the food? Restaurants are not just places to satisfy your appetite; they are also fantastic spaces to feed your creativity.

For example, check out the curves in this restaurant in Milan. I love the gathering spaces these shapes create - a whole new take on restaurant layout that give me all kinds of ideas for the home. I could see living rooms, dining areas, and patios that could be completely reimagined with this approach. 

Here’s a coffee shop that repurposes perfectly, taking old things and making a space completely new with them. The straight lines of the palettes on the wall create an intriguing pattern and make beautiful use of something that might otherwise be discarded. 

From faux paint to exposed brick and everything in between, textured walls are at the same time natural and gorgeous. This is another look that restaurant designers master. 

Here is a sophisticated restaurant in the Waldorf Astoria Panama that has a bewitching ceiling treatment. You can’t help but look up with a ceiling design as lovely as this. 

Check out these fabulous screens that separate spaces into multiple, but airy, rooms that allow just the right amount of privacy.

Next time you treat yourself to a good meal out, remember to take note of the great sources of design inspiration that are around every corner. They just might help you get ideas for one of your home interiors! Take a look at my pinterest page for more inspiration.




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