Monday Inspiration: Architecture

Architecture and interior design have a symbiotic relationship – and it’s always at its best when they are in harmony. That doesn’t mean that the interior of a home has to always match the exterior exactly – I’ve seen some lovely modern rooms inside a Georgian exterior – but they do need to highlight the best of each other.

I am in awe of architects and their ability to create soaring and complex structures. I’m inspired by the shapes, the materials, and even the colors. A pierced ceiling that lets light flow in with gorgeous patterns may have me thinking about a beautiful laser-cut design on woodwork in a den. 

Or an interior design can be inspired by the way light enters a room, or by exposed beams, or the shape of a doorway.

As you think about new ideas for the interior of your home, look “outside the box” and consider pulling elements from the exterior. I have additional architecture pins here, take a look!




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