Inspiring Minds - Ballet

I find a lot of inspiration in other creative fields, like fashion, art, music, and dance. And I love it when those different forms of expression merge, like when the American Ballet Theatre recently held a 75th anniversary exhibit at the Met Opera House. The fashion editor at Vogue asked fashion designers to reimagine the iconic ballet shoe for the anniversary.

Manolo Blahnik                                     Christian Louboutin

Photos: Courtesy of Hamish Bowles

The shoe designs they created are absolutely amazing, and are inspiring me in turn to think of how I can use forms and materials. With new eyes, the ballet shoe takes on a whole new life, “taking flight” with the floral designs that look like wings, or offering a bold red statement.

Marchesa                                        Christian Siriano

Photos: Courtesy of Hamish Bowles

The designers embellished with jewels and crystals, creating fabulous fantastical (and gorgeous) shoes. No, they aren’t practical, but they are creative and imaginative.

One of the greatest things about inspiration is that it’s a cycle that continues over time, one in which we can all participate and contribute to. An inspiration from dance can inspire a fashion, which in turn can spark an idea for interiors. My goal is that the interiors I design will inspire you in your creative life.



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