Stripes Are Stars

In the world of prints and graphics, stripes are one of the most popular choices for modern interior decorating. Stripes are back in the home in a big way, have you noticed? I love working with stripes especially the chunky horizontal ones – they are fresh and fun!

If you give stripes a lot of room to work with, they will completely change the perception of the living space. The width, direction, size, color combination, and pattern sequence of the stripes all direct the eye in various ways. Tone-on-tone is elegant. Same-width stripes are classic. And bright and bold stripes are modern and fun!

Want a quick way to freshen the look of your home interior? I’ve found that room decor and accessories that have stripes do the trick! From pinstripe -- the narrowest of stripes -- to super wide stripes, they are versatile, have the power to reshape a room, and can add a crisp, polished element to your space. Check out one of my favorite combinations: stripes with floral prints.

Summertime offers a ton of inspiration around the use of stripes. The nautical look, for example, is never complete without a few blue-and-white stripes. Plus, the water and the beach make me think of colorful cabana stripes -- conjuring up sandy shores, cozy huts, hammocks and more. Want some instant energy with your restful summer? What’s more vibrant than the brightly-colored striped designs you see below?

Stripes are stars in my book. If you’d like to see more, visit my Pinterest page and discover a stripe that inspires you!



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