Monday Inspiration: Welcome Back, Wallpaper!

One of the most important decisions designers and homeowners have to make is what to do with the walls. Sure, paint can pack some punch; but wallpaper really wows. Think of the options you open yourself up to - the variety, the patterns, the color combinations. 

These days, traditional and sophisticated wallpapers can be found alongside cutting edge designs. There truly is a design to suit everyone, and the quality available now is much higher than what it used to be. The broad availability of fabulous wallpapers inspires interiors more than ever before. Whether it’s bold, graphic, textured, glam, pretty, quirky, sweet, modern or traditional – wallpaper can make a big personality statement and set just the right mood.

Wallpaper today also comes in many new styles colors and textures: embossed, vinyl, foil, fabric, moire, mylar, bamboo, grass cloth, silk, string, nonwoven, photo mural, woodchip, pulps, washable, hand-printed, metallic, printed papers, flock, chintz, satin, and many more. No matter what kind of feeling and experience you want to create in a room, wallpaper will get the job done. Most often, I gravitate toward bold wallpaper design, like the ones below.

Let me tell you what else I love about wallpaper: It doesn’t have to be just for your walls! I like to use it in a variety of nontraditional ways:

Backing:  An unexpected burst of color and/or pattern to bookcases, shelving or closets with wallpaper.

Furniture: Desks, dressers, end tables, nightstands and drawers can all be jazzed up with some your favorite roll of wallpaper.

Create Art: Scraps of wallpaper are perfect for creating budget-friendly works of art.

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