Monday Inspiration: Charming Chairs

Something as mundane as a chair can be turned into a work of art in the hands of a skilled designer or artist. Finding a delicate balance between artistry and comfort is no easy feat, however. Creativity has no limit – but comfort does. So I always want to be sure that the chairs I choose not only woo me visually, but also beckon my clients to take a seat and relax a while.

Take a look at these original chair designs. What do you think? Do they look comfy enough to sit in – or are they simply a work of art to be admired?

Designers love to experiment with new materials, shapes and colors. Furniture design, in particular, offers a lot of opportunity for designers to explore, especially since the design must factor in functionality. To design a chair, for example, you have to understand the anatomy of the human body and what elements will provide the most comfort.

How about this carbon fiber chair? The design is ultra minimal, but it looks like it would cradle the body perfectly.

For those who like to bring the outdoors in, this Ginkgo leaf chair is adorable and completely unique. And speaking of unique, how about the other chairs I’ve included here from my Pinterest page? These give me all kinds of design ideas!

Finally, I’ll leave you with a collection of chairs that will make you take notice. In fact, they are award-winning pieces! NYC Parks, the National Park Service and The Battery Conservancy recently held a competition to encourage artists to create the first-ever design competition to create a mobile, outdoor chair for New York City’s parks are currently on display at the Castle Clinton National Monument. The competition had three goals: create a distinctive, movable chair with innovative design to be used in the park. Chairs were also judged for comfort, enjoyment and durability.

The winning chair design will then be fabricated for use on The Battery Park.

Below are the five Battery Chair Finalists:

Fleurt – Andrew Jones Design: Andrew Jones, Toronto, Canada

Maple Chair – Maria Camarena Design: Maria Camarena Bernard, Zapopan, Mexico

Pivot Chair – Independent Design Group: Simon Kristak & Aidan Jamison, Brooklyn NY, USA

 South Chair – Jason Bird, Redwood City, CA, USA

 U Rock – Pitanga: Davi Deusdara, Érica Martins, Tais Costa & Rafael Studart Alencar Falcão, Brazil

After seeing all of these great examples, are you as charged up about chairs I am? I’ll keep adding images to my Pinterest collection, so be sure to check back!




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