Marvelous Monograms

A monogram was the mark of a real Southern lady back in the day, so naturally the southern girl in me loves working with initials. Over the past several years, we’ve seen resurgence in the monogram’s popularity, and as a woman and a designer, I think they are marvelous.

Today, monograms make beautiful additions to furniture. Initials on the back of a dining room chair mark for an ultra sophisticated look as do initials on your favorite living or family room chair.

Pillowcases are another natural fit for a monogram. 

Where else can you imagine a monogram? How about bath mats? Valences? Lampshades? Napkins? Also - don’t be afraid to monogram over a pattern. 

Have you heard about or seen "nanograms," which are monograms of simple shapes and designs without any initials? They are fantastic! Tobi Fairley designed with a nanogram on it, and I love it.

Check it out:

When I encounter a monogram, whether old or newly made, it always speaks to me. Must be that the Southern girl in me! The initials represent my name, and I am proud to display them, and you should be, too. Visit my Pinterest page for more inspiration.



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