Inspiration: Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli. It’s a fabulous name, and the man who owns that name creates stunning and inspiring work in the fashion design world. The Italian designer is one of my all-time favorites. I love to take inspiration from his designs -- and I love his story. 

Did you know that he got his start in the ‘70s by creating and selling 53 cashmere sweaters? He’s built a booming business -- and it all started by borrowing cashmere from a yarn maker, asking a group of women artisans to knit the sweaters, and convincing a person at the laundry at his village to dye the sweaters in bright colors. What an inspiration to designers of all kinds, everywhere!

So how do Brunello Cucinelli’s fashions inspire me today? There is something about his simple, tailored style that fits my aesthetic. His work has an understated sense of luxury to it. His textiles and forms are so unique and high-design, yet they are very comfortable and natural. He creates looks that are all his own and yet feel completely at home in the world. 

That’s my goal, with Brunello Cucinelli as one of my biggest inspirations: to create a space for my clients that has its own unique look, while fitting right in with who the client is, and how she wants to live! Check out some of Cucinelli’s designs on my Pinterest page.




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