Accessorizing with Hardware

Believe it or not, the hardware in your home can make – or break – the design and style of your home. These items are something we see, touch, and use everyday, and yet think of how often they are overlooked. The simple decision to accessorize with great hardware could completely change your room!

The shape, style and size of the knobs, pulls, and handles you choose can dramatically improve the style of your interior. Be brave and skip the boring stuff! Choose fun shapes that fit with the room’s decor. Styles can be swirly, modern, chunky, traditional, squared off, vintage. Since the knobs on your cabinets will get a lot of use, it’s important to choose a shape and size that is also comfortable to the touch. 

Widely seen as jewelry for the home, architectural hardware puts the finishing touch on a design. Great hardware has the ability to elevate the space with its character, whether you're striving for exuberance or subtlety. Vintage glass, metal squares, unique Hollywood glam – I love to get creative and have fun when selecting these important accessories to adorn clients’ homes. 

I'll be adding more fabulous examples to my Pinterest page, so stay in touch with me there and let’s find the style that adds a perfect touch to the next room you plan to re-imagine.




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