Color Classics: Red, White and Blue

There’s nothing quite like the American spirit! The energy and excitement of Independence Day offers a vibrant palette that stands the test of time. Celebrate July 4th with a me as I share a range of red, white, and blue inspirations --  from accessories to interiors -- as well as a few tips on how to use stripes. And, don’t forget: American accents can work just as well in December as they do in July.

Let’s start with blue, the coolest color on the block! It’s the color of so many things we love, from the sky to the ocean to that gorgeous time of night: twilight. Blue is a calming color. It helps us relax. No wonder it’s so popular in our busy and hectic lives.

According to House Beautiful's Color Report,  29% of respondents chose blue as their overall favorite hue. Check out some of my blue pins here, and you’ll see why I love the blues!

Red is bright and bold and one of the warmest of all colors. It is also very versatile and can be used in interior design in a variety of daring, energetic and stylish ways.  A stimulating color, red is a design tool that heightens the senses. From crimson and fire engine red to merlot and rust, there are endless ways to use this warm shade to create a mood. Red can feel contemporary or traditional, rustic or timeless, depending on the shade and context. And, of course, it can create a sense of romance and passion in any room. Take a look at a few of my red-inspired pins here.

White is the color of purity. It quiets the mood. But I love white because it can also can be dramatic in a range of design purposes. White can create a feeling of freshness, hope, light, cleanliness, and simplicity in any space. 

The rooms below prove that combinations of red, white, and blue never go out of style. Look at how a touch of red can warm up a cool blue-and-white room -- and how the three colors balance each other perfectly, no matter which one is the star.

Happy July 4th to all of my readers!




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