Wood Works

Adding wood to your home decor creates a warmth that is incredibly inviting. Anytime you can achieve a look that is both natural and elegant, you’ve got a winning design, and wood is definitely a texture that makes it possible!

You can see in two of my projects below how simply placing large, wooden beams along a white ceiling brings the eye upward, heightening the room and adding warmth. I love the treatment of the beams in the second image as well. 

The same goes for the ceiling in this two-story room I designed. The minute I saw the oval shape of wood, I pictured a fabulous light fixture right in the center. Details like that emphasize one of the most impressive aspects of the space - the height. 

And in another of my projects, these dark wood cabinets match the ceiling and give a “wine cellar” feel in this bar area:

And what better place to envelope a room in wooden warmth than a library? Don’t you just want to grab your favorite book and curl right up?

I love wood and metal together, and this piece combines them gorgeously and gracefully. 

How about you? Are you ready to work wonders with wood accents in your design? Let’s get started!




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