Monday Inspiration: Summer Shores

Is there anything that inspires, rejuvenates and helps spark your creativity more than a vacation? If you’re in a creative field, you especially know what I mean. To be able to design something new, our vision must become new again, and far away places help us to see with new eyes.

When we’re in a new environment, our senses our stirred by our surroundings in ways that they can’t be during our everyday routines back home.  

The jewel-toned water of the Caribbean makes me want to capture this color and put it in every room I design. Even better when it’s balanced with the earthy browns and tans of the land. 

This adorable, water-topping swing set inspires me to look for unexpected places where I can design unique hang-out spots for my clients to enjoy quality time together, using the spaces and resources that their home and property provides.

This image of a chair and umbrella by the sea makes me want to do more than take breather by the beach; it reminds me how great a sheer fabric is at softening a design.

For more great travel-inspired images, visit my Pinterest page. I hope you have some exciting travel plans coming up this summer - and that your senses and creative juices get an inspiring recharge!




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