Monday Inspiration: Plaster Work

Plaster, created by mixing stone powder with water, has been around from the beginning of time. I am amazed by what great artists can do with plaster to make it a masterpiece design element.

I am fortunate to work with a fantastic team of plaster artists in Houston, and I love working with the two of them to create amazing looks for my design clients. The possibilities of plasterwork are limited only by the imagination. Whatever design you can dream up, a great artist like the ones I work with can bring it to life!

I read somewhere that beautiful plaster work gives walls a voice, and I wholeheartedly agree. If the walls, below, could talk, I do believe they would say, “Pardon me, but do I look stunning, or what?” This botanical relief installation is so beautiful, there is no need to crowd the window with draperies. The more attention for the walls, the better. 

The raised, repeated diamond pattern below would likely be too much for an entire room, but it’s the perfect accent for a section of wall when you want to add dimension to a space that is otherwise understated.

And, of course, scrollwork in plaster has been making a fashion statement for centuries. This look is still relevant today, and I love to find ways of incorporating it into contemporary designs for a blend of the old and the new. 

Texture, quality, permanence - plaster has it all. Where have you used plasterwork in your home? Or where might you, now that you’re inspired? Check more pins here.




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