Monday Inspiration: On the Books

The Internet and electronic media have put all kinds of information and inspiration at our fingertips. But, for me, nothing has replaced the experience of sitting down with a book. That’s especially true when I look through design books for new ideas. Nicky Haslam, for example, is an icon and one of the first designers whose work I turn to!

In any creative field (and in any business, for that matter) it’s important to look to the work of those who inspire us. What can we learn from them? What kinds of feelings and experiences does their work evoke?

Here are several new titles that are inspiring me now: Pierre Frey, Tracery, and Garden Inspirations. Love Charlotte Moss!

Geoffrey Bennison and Windsor Smith’s Homefront are also going to be great additions to my design library. The use of color, shapes, fabric and furniture placement in these books helps me get into a creative zone when creating my own signature look. 

I can’t wait to design my next room - or your next room - with the inspiration found in these books. Let’s get started!




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