Monday Inspiration: Knock Knock!

Often clients ask me how they can bring new life to their doorways and make the entry to the home a special experience. So much focus is placed on interior living spaces, but a door is what invites guests inside. I’ve pulled together a gorgeous collection of images that I think you will “a’door!”

Take a look at this teal door with metal filigree. Teal is such a great color to offset earthy tones and the eye goes straight to the beautiful metallic detail.

When it comes to painting doors, have fun with color. A bright hue can make a formal facade friendlier and more whimsical as well as add a splash of character. The brighter, the better!

I love spaces that allow for doors that have a unique shape, like this arched shape that is a streamlined Gothic look.

And I’m inspired by this rounded door with beautiful carvings and iron fixtures to give it Old World elegance! The treatment of the windows is unique. When someone takes this much care in creating a door like this you can’t help but wonder what’s on the other side.

It’s often the small details that make a big impression when people drop by your house. Here are a couple of my favorite doorknobs - major conversation pieces!

Find the door that you “a’door.” You’ll find plenty to choose from on my Pinterest page!




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