Divine Dining

When it comes to entertaining, the dining room is critical to bringing your guests together. I like to create dining rooms that make the food - and the furniture - something to admire.

I’m a huge fan of upholstered seating. In one room I designed, I paired high-back chairs with an elegant and comfy banquette to encourage guests to linger at the table. And I never miss the opportunity to use gorgeous chandeliers that create a stunning central focal point. 

Check out the pins below for more divine dining inspiration. The variety of lighting options is endless - from the traditional and detailed to the more modern and streamlined. 

It’s important to factor in space when choosing the size and shape of your dining table. Some rooms call for large rectangular tables, but in others, circular is the way to go. Choose your table wisely so you can make the maximum use of the room you have.

When it comes to centerpieces, switch out accents with every season to keep your dining room looking fresh and new, not just for your guests, but for you!

If you’re considering a dining re-do, my Pinterest page has plenty of other ideas. Pull together some of your favorites, and then let’s create a beautiful space together!




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