Cozy Canopies

Canopy beds have an interesting history. Imagine sleeping under a thatched roof that allowed in dirt and insects - you’d want the protection and shelter of a canopy, for sure. Or if you were sharing your room with servants and sleeping in space that was not temperature-controlled, a canopy helped to provide privacy and warmth back when they were hard to find.

Today, canopy beds suggest romance and, like their predecessors, give an added feeling of warmth and privacy. The modern take on this ancient style is something to admire. Look at how a clean, spare design is softened by fresh, white canopy that drapes perfectly to the floor in this bedroom from Luxe

I love how the vibrant, lime fabric matches the bedding for this wonderfully coordinated look. I think the green hues are doing double duty; they make you want to snuggle up in the canopied while giving you a bright welcome to the day when you awake.

Kids shouldn’t have a bit of trouble falling asleep in a canopied bunk bed like this. I have just the client who would love this idea for her children! 

There are just so many ways you can go with a canopy - and so many fun choices to make, from the fabric to the color to the shape. Here are some more great ideas for canopy creations. I love how the last three look almost like crowns atop the bed. Such personality and style! 

I think canopies are an often overlooked design element. Don’t forget them as an option for taking a great bedroom and making it grand!




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