Black & Gold

When it comes to making a powerful statement, black and gold are the dynamic duo! If you’re looking to create luxurious space and you’ve never considered using this dramatic palette, take a look a look at what this high-contrast combination can do for a room.

This kitchen below from Lonny and the living room by Nate Berkus are incredibly sophisticated. In both examples, I love how the black and gold pairings are able to pop off of a neutral background for impact and balance. 

If you’re not ready to bring the black and gold effect into a larger room, a powder room is the perfect place to impress your guests by having fun with color. The gold sink below is stunning, and both spaces have gorgeous wallpaper that brings a wonderful richness to the room.

Another option is to let gold and black accessories make the statement. Place eye-catching gold lamps against a black wall or get inspired by a patterned chair. 

I’ve used black and gold in combination with a variety of color palettes in my design and love the effect. One bedroom I did in rich blues and greens became more dramatic when I framed the combination with touches of black and gold. Another room with a more muted palette gave me the perfect background to direct the eye to special pieces like this black and gold bedside table and gold sham.

How have you paired mysterious black with brilliant, attention-seeking gold? Check out other ideas pinned here.




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