Dreamy Bedrooms

The perfect bedroom should send you easily off to dreamland, and provide a great escape from the crazy world outside your home. So what does make a dreamy bedroom?

Key in my designs is the most comfortable bed, linens, and pillows you can afford. This is your oasis, the central focus of the room, and so there is where you really need to spend as much as you can. Studies show that a great night of sleep can change everything for your health, so don’t skimp on the mattress!

Next is to choose a color palette that works for you – it should make you feel relaxed and comfortable. That can be different for each person, so think about the colors that make you want to slip off to dreamland.

Lighting is also really important. Soft lamps near the bed are more calming than a strong overhead light. And you need to decide if you are a lark who loves the daylight, or a night owl who wants dark shades on the windows.

So how do you imagine your dreamy bedroom? Start setting up the perfect getaway for yourself today!




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