Something Old, Something New

The old wedding tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” doesn’t just pertain to your nuptials.

I love mixing old and new in a home. New, modern pieces mixed with vintage and antique items bring unique character to a space and make it that much more interesting.

KMD Interiors

KMD Interiors

Fellow designer Karen Dunlap did just that by pairing this contemporary chair with a vintage-look desk. Mixing an old/traditional element with a new/modern look adds a depth to this gorgeous space and makes it feel collected.

Beth Lindsey Interior Design

Beth Lindsey Interior Design

I used the same approach when creating this living space for my client. I chose a table and rug with more antique and traditional details and paired them with these wonderful chairs that sport modern, acrylic legs. I also combined modern art that the client had collected with traditional architectural details.

It’s that unexpected mix that really makes a room stand out and gives it your personality. And that is really what decorating is all about!

How do you like to mix old and new?



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