Agates & Geodes

I’m all about the classics but I also love to incorporate a trend or a thrilling “wow” factor in my clients home. Agates and geodes are great organic trends that bring color and interest to a room.

These rocks are similar to each other, but geodes have a hollow cavity while agate, which is part of the nodule family, is fully filled with small crystals. What they do have in common is an ability to showcase a natural and organic look in a room.

Geodes on Pinterest

Geodes on Pinterest

Agate on  Pinterest

Agate on Pinterest

Bringing these natural elements into the home make a space feel less stuffy without losing sophistication.

Designers have come up with incredibly creative ways to incorporate agate and geodes into designs. The agate tile wall by Erica Islas is such a fabulous use of the natural element, and really brings that “wow” factor to the space!

What is your favorite way to use agate and geodes in your home?



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