Monday Inspiration: Spring Fashion

Fashion is such an inspiration for me! The styles and looks that walk down the runway eventually find their way into the home design world, so I sat down with my friend and fashion stylist, Michael Rodriguez, principal stylist at Michael Rodriguez and Associates, to get his take on some of this spring’s fashion trends!

 Q: There was a lot of leather on the runways during New York Fashion Week, which seems new for spring/summer!

A: I am a big fan of summer leathers and suedes. There are many vendors, luxury and otherwise, that now produce a very simple and clean-silhouetted leather and/or suede legging. I am a big fan of using these leather leggings (think solid navy, taupe, white if you're adventurous, or nude) with a simple white cotton tee from the Gap and placing them with a higher wedge or platform sandal. As a nod to the current trends of fringe and bohemian dressing, we are using very lightweight embroidered shawls with fringe draped over a client’s shoulders. The simple white tee provides a stark and more modern contrast to the shawl's colors and embroidery and highlights the romantic and bohemian aspects of the shawl while the leather leggings add a great luxe and unexpected element to the mix. 

Q: Bohemian looks are still so hot. How are you incorporating that into your clients’ wardrobes? 

A: Everyone wants to be comfortable and fashionable in the summer, especially in Texas. Bohemian dressing allows people to do this while also feeling like they've quietly embraced their inner elegant gypsy with maxi skirts and dresses. Mix a chambray or denim shirt with a soft maxi skirt for an interesting weight and texture.

Q: How do you use trends to build a wardrobe?

A: I often try to take an idea from the previous season and make it current with a prevalent trend from the new season. For example, In the Spring 2014 Resort collection, Chanel produced a high-waist flirty silk skirt based on a painter’s palette. We originally styled it pretty close to the runway interpretation and then took it down a completely different road when the fall rolled in with very classic and simple cashmere turtlenecks. So while the skirt is from Spring 2014, it works for this year’s spring trends as well like with this chambray shirt.

Q: There’s always a lot of conversation about trends versus classic looks and how to execute them in different styles. What are your thoughts?

A: Men and women enter each new season looking for new ideas and products. I think there is so much more value in looking at particular products within the trends rather than focusing on the trend itself. Finding the best quality of product within an appropriate tier and asking how can such a piece be composed and  "designed" specifically so that its correct for you and for the life you live. As with all design, first and foremost one should make context and good composition the overarching priority. Once there's an understanding of the use and context of the product, then you can begin a search to place pieces that will communicate beauty and interest and not because they were part of a trend, but because they are beautiful pieces executed in interesting ways.

 I hope this gives you some great ideas for your own wardrobe this spring!




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