Choosing Color

One of the first things people want to do when designing a space is select the wall color. While choosing a paint color is important, you will have to build your entire space around the color you choose.

My advice is to choose paint color LAST so that it can be the unifying element that brings all of your furniture, accents, and accessories together!

Some of my favorite paint colors on Pinterest

Some of my favorite paint colors on Pinterest

Using color in a room can be done with traditional painted walls like Gerald Pomeroy’s lavender walls or in unexpected ways, like in Jeffrey Bilhuber’s ceiling on the left. Look at Jeffrey’s room without the ceiling and it is a gorgeous neutral space. But adding color to that “fifth wall” makes it so much more interesting.

Emily Henderson opted to bring in color through furniture, accessories, and art in her design. Her patterned wallpaper keeps the rest of the room neutral while the cobalt rug and sofa command the attention.

Color is such a fun part of design to play with, so be bold and check out my Color Me Happy pinboard.




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