Monday Inspiration: New York Fashion Week

Spring trends are starting to file in after NY Fashion Week and there are some great crossover possibilities for the home.

 One trend that I’ve really liked so far is lightweight leather and suede. Leather is usually a part of very masculine and traditional design but the same way fashion designers are using it in lightweight leggings, furniture and interior designers are making leather a more feminine fabric. Using lighter browns and more modern shapes also gives lightweight leather a more feminine feel.

Another trend I love is mixing these new lightweight leather and suedes with a touch of Bohemian style. The two photos on the left of my pinboard above add rugs, throws, and accessories to the leather sofas to give the space an eclectic look.

The Bohemian trend also stands well by itself. Moroccan details, mandalas, beading and of course lots of pattern have made their way from to runway to the home. Adding touches of these details to your home will keep you trendy without going overboard.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

The last trend I love is lots and lots of bold, bright colors, particularly orange. Orange used to be a color that designers wouldn’t touch, but thanks to Hermes and Veuve Clicquot, it is now a color associated with luxury and style

 What are your favorite looks to take from the catwalk to your home?




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