Modern Inspiration

I think it’s fair to say that when people think of the South, one of the key characteristics that comes to mind is traditional design. But if you stop there, you are missing out on something amazing, contemporary designs that balance the stately beauty of the more traditional with the unexpected creativity of more modern aesthetics. In fact, modern shows up everywhere in the South.

Let’s take a look from the outside first. Here are some fabulous modern homes in Georgia and South Carolina:

How about modern interiors? Most often, they are sleek, spacious and simple, underscoring function and organization. Just like the exteriors, modern design inside the home is all about clean lines, simple edges, angles and curves. Industrial materials —such aschrome, glass and concrete — are popular options in the South:

Modern is a state of mind, not simply based on location! Take a look at my pinboard for more looks that will help you bring the modern look into your Southern home!




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