Light It Up

We are well into the winter season, and this is about the time when I begin to long for those long, sunlight summer days. This year, rather than counting the days to daylight savings time, take advantage of what well-thought-out lighting can do for mood and your experience in the home.

Lighting is one of the most overlooked yet important elements of good interior design. When it comes to the ambience or exuberance of a living space, lighting is the main player.

Here are a few images to light the way to some great ideas:

Its function is so obvious, and yet often I see homes that have not yet allowed lighting to create a visually dynamic space. Ambient lighting can create a beautiful glow in rooms. Accent lighting gives you the ability to highlight architectural features such as walls and built-in accessories — not to mention show off a piece of art or a photograph. Task lighting provides localized lighting in areas where you might typically be working, wrapping, crafting, reading. Here are some more unique fixtures:

There are many considerations, perhaps more than you realized since the majority of people underestimate the possibilities that lighting provides. Proper lighting ensures not only that your home is warm and inviting, but also that it has a functional atmosphere.

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