Heavy Metal Inspiration

Often, doorknobs and door knockers are overlooked and underestimated. Why not just choose your typical, expected piece and call it a day, right? Well, you could, but then you’d be missing out on a great opportunity to make a powerful first impression on visitors to your home.

There is a European tradition of showcasing fabulous designs on the door — a tradition worth emulating. Door handles and knockers can be like a pieces of jewelry; they can give you the same response as a lovely necklace or pair of earrings. Door knobs set the tone, not only for that first impressions, but for what your guests can expect to see on the other side of the door. 

As for door knockers, much of the same considerations apply. The beauty and workmanship of the pieces can be breathtaking, like real works of art. They also have the advantage of looking better with age. Door knockers can be seen on old buildings all over Europe:

The right front door hardware allows you to personalize your front door and really make it your own. Go ahead and select something unusual. You can visit my pinboard for some added inspiration!




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