Getting Organized

We may be deep in the day-to-day holiday preparations and seasonal celebrations, but the new year is coming, which means it’s time to think about simple projects to help you get organized. There are so many outstanding ways to solve storage issues by using the space you have more efficiently. I‘ve got lots of ideas for you on my Storage pinboard.

More and more, you’ll see foyers and entryways being used as storage areas, usually because that’s the first place where things are dropped as family members head in the door. There are ways to add organization to the entry of your house without detracting from the aesthetics, like these great ideas:

And why stop at the entryway? Take a look at the creative ways to use space under stairs, for example as drawers, shelving, even a desk! Think about what you could store in those drawers: photo albums, blankets, supplies, wrapping paper. The possibilities are limited only by your needs and your imagination.

If you have a bonus room or attic that largely goes unused, why not renovate it to make a space just for you? I love this take on a walk-in closet. Where there once was wasted space and random storage, a luxurious and cozy closet has emerged.

Let the new year rejuvenate you with its many possibilities for better organization and better living. I hope these ideas inspire you as much as they do me!




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