Glitter Guide

The holiday season is made for glitter and shine! The days might be shorter and the evenings darker, but inside a well-decorated home, all is aglow for the holidays.

At this time of year — and all year round — I love to work with materials that reflect the light. In fact, in my All That Glitters pinboard, you can find a number of examples of beautiful, metallic finishes, including these ceilings, walls and kitchen cabinets in brushed brass and copper:

When it comes to glamming up with glittery finishes, bathrooms are great spaces for going all out. I can be more dramatic with bathroom designs; the smaller space allows me to experiment without going too far. From a shimmery, metallic floor tile to walls practically covered in gold, take a look at the warmth and opulence that you can achieve with a space as simple as a bathroom:

Rose gold, which has been one of the biggest fashion trends over the past year or so, is worthy of another look. The pinky hue has become popular in jewelry and watches, clothing, shoes and even beauty products. Take a look at faucets, chair and light features created with a rose gold finish. 

Go for the rose gold (or silver, or bronze or nickel) this winter and liven up your space with sparkle and shine that will energize your room and your mood!





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