Inspiration: Window Details

The little details in a space can mean a lot. Consider windows, for example. When designing spaces, draperies are a key component, but many people tend to overlook the impact they have. Custom window treatments give more freedom in design, color, and size selection. Plus, fringe, beading and tapes are all tiny details that offer a more polished, finished look not only to the drapery, but to the room overall. 

The material used in making the window covering is important - from sheers to linens to heavy, draping velvets or cottons. Like the Roman shade above and the other examples below, unique trim details can be all you need to catch the eye and set off your windows. 

Tie backs deserve their own call-out. Often, I opt to be somewhat lavish when it comes to tie backs, layering color and materials like beads in multiple sizes that look like jewelry against the fabric. 

Draperies are a key aspect in decor and in making our homes feel more thoughtfully put together. Without them, a room feels naked and neglected. Do you agree? Get more ideas on my pinboard.




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