Inspiration: Velvet Underground

While perusing the photos from High Point Market, I fell in love with the Turin chair from Julian Chichester in gorgeous green velvet, which I think is one of the best fabrics for furniture and apparel alike!

And, as you can see in the dress below from September’s New York Fashion Week, velvet is everywhere lately.

If you’ve ever run your hands over velvet, you know that the best thing about the fabric is its texture. It feels - and looks - luxurious, plush, and soft. When used in interior design, it lends incredible warmth to the room. Depending on the color of velvet that you choose and the boldness of the piece that you choose it for, you can dial up or dial down how much dimension and temperature it will bring to a space. And, no matter which color you choose, a piece covered in velvet always seems to become the star of every room.

Velvet can make a space feel truly opulent. From sofas to side chairs to headboards, one velvet piece might be all it takes. Scan through my Va-Va-Velvet pinboard for more.




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